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British humour rules. Period.

Bodyform Facebook page

When a young British man called Richard Neill wrote a funny rant on the Bodyform webpage, blaming them for misleading him about the true nature of periods, his post received more than 85,000 likes.

Bodyform could have chosen to ignore it, or simply posted a funny comment in reply. Instead, they’ve created a brilliantly sarcastic video featuring CEO Caroline Williams (played by an actress) apologising to Richard personally, and explaining that the company needed to lie to protect men from the unpalatable truth, and from “the blood coursing from our uteri.” It’s a great piece of responsive marketing, very British in its humour, with highlights such as red jelly – jello, for US readers – on the table when she says ‘crimson landslide’, a pencil snap, her drinking of the blue water, and, best of all, the fart (yes, we do that too)… 

Whoah, Bodyyyy-formmmmm…

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