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he can’t spell yet, but he sure can wield an apostrophe…

To Mummy, have a verry verry happy Mother's day, you sansirley, from your gorgers boy I’m not sure what I love most about this Mother’s day card, given to my sister by my nephew:

  • His endearingly intuitive phonetic spelling (“you sansirley from your gorgers boy”. Bless.)
  • The gift-wrapped presents. (What’s in the tall thin parcel? A telescope? A toblerone? I need to know.)
  • The ‘I love you xxx’ pullout, or…
  • The fact that he’s mastered the use of the apostrophe at such a tender age…

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Wordy Wednesday: naming



What have cute little meerkats and a portly and rather annoying Welsh opera singer got to do with naming choices?

They’ve become stars because Compare the Market and Go Compare chose generic names, making it difficult for the public to distinguish one from the other, or from the dozen or so other price comparison websites out there.

As a result, clever ad agencies had to come up with ‘sticky’ brand assets that would make the companies stand out, and the companies themselves were required to spend millions on TV, billboard, radio and press ads to establish the link with their brands.

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Apostrophising… (some might say ranting)

apostrophe, great taste on it's way

Oh, the irony…

I hate to be churlish, particularly as this London-based coffee company is doing so many things right, but really, if they’re going to call their company apostrophe, they need to learn how to use that most abused of punctuation marks correctly..

It’s not like they don’t care about this stuff: the name itself predicates an interest in words, and they’re also working hard at building themselves a literary niche.

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