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Wah! It’s National Night!

I’ve always hated the slack-jawed look that the act of chewing gum gives people. Mastication ain’t pretty, and chewing gum while talking to someone isn’t just ugly, it’s rude. I also hate the spat-out chewing gum that darkens London’s pavements; as unwelcome in its way as the liver spots that are starting to appear on my own arms.

I was put in mind of all this over the weekend by a Singaporean friend who’d tacked extra days onto the holiday weekend for Singapore’s National Day (August 9th) in order to fly over for Cowes Week. While waiting for the wind to emerge one morning Miranda showed me a hilarious video produced for Mentos by BBH Asia Pacific this time last year. (Mentos must love the ban on chewing gum in Singapore, where the dirty little habit can result in a S$500 fine, and have built their brand presence there with ‘fresh ideas’ and by aligning themselves with the culture and concerns of Singapore.)

The Mentos promotion takes the form of a rap song that cheekily and humorously echoes the government’s concern over falling birth rates (Singapore’s birthrate is around 30,000 a year, and the city-state needs around 50,000 births to maintain its population and avoid the economic problems of an ageing citizenry) by encouraging married couples to get jiggy and conceive a brand new Singaporean in celebration of National DayRead more…

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